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Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Support for Navigation
If your old car doesn't have Carplay or Android Auto, don't worry. With the product, iPhone users easy access to navigation systems and music players. You can appoint via Siri. On the other hand,  Andorid device users to enjoy similar useful features. Not only is it easier to access Google Maps and Music, but it can also be controlled via Google Assistance.

4 Audio Output Methods
A.Native Audio
D.BT.  (For Carplay/Android Auto use only)Please use your phone to directly connect to the original car's Bluetooth.
Note that B,C,D can connect to your car audio system. And choose the corresponding mode on the device.

Equipped with 9.3 Inch Screen IPS Driving Recorder
Portable car audio features great image and versatility. The product features a sensitive Full HD touchscreen that allows you to switch between multiple operation modes by swiping your finger across the screen. It also has a wide viewing angle, allowing you to capture a wide range of surrounding scenery.  It is useful for ensuring safety while driving and for preserving evidence in the event of an accident.

4K Dash Cam and AHD 1080P Backup Camera
The dash cam is equipped with a 170°ultra-wide-angle lens and the resolution of 3840 * 2160P. The AHD camera has ultra-wide viewing angle of 140 ° and waterproof, HD vision design which helps to park more safely and easily.

ADAS Assistance
Supports forward vehicle collision warning and trajectory offset. It also detects the distance to the preceding vehicle. Through video, radar and sonar monitoring, drivers are warned of the need for prior intervention. It makes driving processes such as parking assistance, lane alignment and collision avoidance more intelligent and automated to improve vehicle safety performance (GPS is required to enable FVDW function).

5G Hz Wi-Fi APP Control
The APP control feature gives you control through Roadcam. This allows you to adjust settings, view real-time footage, access recorded videos or images, and even download them directly to your smartphone for easy sharing or backup purposes.

Mirror Link
It allows you to connect your smartphone to the display screen, enabling you to view various applications and content from your phone. You can seamlessly stream Youtube Videos. This provides a convenient and safe way for drivers and passengers to enjoy their favorite videos while on the go.

G-sensor and Loop Recording
With built-in G-sensor technology, the dash cam can detect collisions or sudden movements. In such events, it automatically locks and saves the current video file as evidence for insurance claims or legal purposes. Additionally, loop recording ensures continuous recording by overwriting older files when storage space is full.

Easy to Install
With a default stand and a optional sucker holder help to securely mount the dash cam on your car's dashboard or windshield. The installation process is simple and hassle-free, allowing you to start using the dash cam quickly.

Fit for 12-24V Vehicles
Compared with the general car audio bluetooth 12V voltage setting, the working voltage of this non-embedded car radio with navigation is 12-24V. Both cars and trucks can be used. The car radio with screen is suitable for most motor vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans, buses, pickups,ect.

Accessory Choice

Car cigarette charger: 12-24V input, output at 5V3A. Type-c port, power supply function.

AUX:To synchronize the sounds from the car player with your car's audio system

Rear with 6m cable:Typically installed at the back of the vehicle. When engaged in reverse gear, it displays live footage from behind the vehicle on the screen(10m cable is optional)

In-car camera with 6m cable: Installed inside the vehicle. Note that this can not show Reverse Line because it dont connect to the car reverse light.

GPS:Stick it on windshield to obtain signal. It enable ADAS features like Forward Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) and GPS tracking

ACC:Connect the device to the vehicle's ignition switch. By doing so, it ensures that the device powers on/off automatically with the ignition state of the vehicle. To realize 24h parking monitor

Sucker Holder

Class 10 Memory Card: --32G,64G,128G

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