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Function Introduction

Wireless Carplay & Android Auto
Google Map,Waze …… in Carplay&Android Auto
Wireless Mirror Link
Touch Screen IPS Display Backup Camera
FM Transmitting
AUX Cable Input Wireless

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
With this dash cam, you can easily connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy the convenience of wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration. This allows you to access phone navigation, play music, and even control media playback using Siri or Google Assistant.

Front 2.5K Rear 1080P Dash Cam
Capture high-quality footage with our dual dash camera setup featuring a 2.5K resolution front camera along with an optional waterproof rear camera at 1080P resolution.The wide-angle lenses provide excellent coverage with a field of view of 170° for the front camera and 140° for the rear camera(optional), effectively eliminating blind spots from your vision.

AUX & FM & BT Transmission
A.Native Audio
D.BT.  (For Carplay/Android Auto use only)Please use your phone to directly connect to the original car's Bluetooth.
Note that B,C,D can connect to your car audio system. And select the corresponding mode on the device.

Mirror Link
This feature allows you to synchronize your mobile phone with the dash cam and mirror its screen onto the dash cam's display. This opens up a world of possibilities, including YouTube Streaming, Map Navigation etc. Enjoy watching your favorite videos or catch up on new content during breaks or while parked. Besides, You can utilize map navigation apps such as Google Maps or Apple Maps directly on the dash cam's display. This provides a more convenient and safer way to navigate without having to constantly look at your phone.

Intelligent Voice Control
Connect your mobile phone and utilize voice assistants for seamless control while driving, allowing for safer hands-free operation in any situation.

G-sensor and Loop Recording
With built-in G-sensor technology, the dash cam can detect collisions or sudden movements. In such events, it automatically locks and saves the current video file as evidence for insurance claims or legal purposes. Additionally, loop recording ensures continuous recording by overwriting older files when storage space is full.

Accessory Choice

Car cigarette charger: 12-24V input, output at 5V3A. Type-c port, power supply function.

AUX:To synchronize the sounds from the car player with your car's audio system

Rear with 6m cable:Typically installed at the back of the vehicle. When engaged in reverse gear, it displays live footage from behind the vehicle on the screen(10m cable is optional)

Class 10 Memory Card: --32G,64G,128G

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