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1. Chipset: RV 1109 (4 Cores Chip)

The product adopts the top quad-core chip. Each core in the quad core chip works together to perform specific tasks to ensure that the process is completed faster and more efficiently. In practical operation, the system realizes fast boot in 3 seconds and solves the problem of slow boot of the same type.

2. 7 Inch with Car Recording Function
A wireless portable car stereo with HD front camera, good image quality, full HD touch screen, high sensitivity, clear display, rich colors and wider field of view. Helps you see every detail as clearly as possible during playback, escorting your driving.

3. Built-in 5G Hz WiFi & GPS Navigation & Night Vision & Voice Control
With a stable built in Wifi, you can download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smart phone an then easily share these on social media with friends and family. Equipped with navigation and night vision, you would not be afraid of reaching a new place. Support Voice control and you can send you message to the carplay.

4.Android Auto & Apple Carplay
This car audio supports wireless Carplay/Android Auto. You can access map navigation, phone contacts, music and more while you focus on the road. On the car, dash cam temporarily replaces the function of mobile phone. It can access map navigation, receive information, answer and make calls, play music, etc. while you are focusing on the road.

5. ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance
This carplay comes with ADAS. Support front vehicle collision warning, and trajectory offset. It can also detect the distance between the car and the vehicle in front of it. Drivers are alerted and warned of the need for active intervention through video, radar and sonar monitoring. Make parking assistance, lane positioning, collision avoidance and other driving processes more intelligent and automatic, improve vehicle safety performance.
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