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Novatek Chipset
It is powered by the Novatek 96560 chipset, delivering smooth and efficient performance for reliable operation.

United Installation
It is perfect for in-car monitoring, providing comprehensive surveillance within the vehicle. Whether you're concerned about security while parked or monitoring driver behavior, it ensures reliable and discreet recording right from the front car.

Separated Installation
Our dashcam offers a detachable installation camera. With the included 6-meter extension cable, you can easily mount the camera on the rear windshield, providing an unobtrusive yet effective view of the road behind you. Whether you're capturing scenic drives or monitoring traffic activity, the separated installation allows for optimal positioning to suit your specific needs.

Dual-Lens 4K+1080P Recording
Capture every detail with dual lenses recording simultaneously in stunning 4K resolution for the front camera and 1080P resolution for the rear camera. With wide-angle coverage of 170° for the front lens and 140° for the rear lens, you'll never miss a moment of your journey.

Built-in WiFi with Viddure Software Control
Control and manage your dash camera with the integrated WiFi feature, compatible with the intuitive Viddure app. Adjust settings, view live footage, and access recorded videos conveniently from your smartphone.

Loop Recording with Gravity Sensor
Enjoy continuous recording without worrying about storage space. The loop recording feature automatically overwrites old footage when the memory card is full, while the gravity sensor detects sudden movements or impacts and locks and saves relevant footage for later review.

24-Hour Parking Monitor with Hardwire Kit
Ensure round-the-clock surveillance with support for 24-hour monitor when connected to the optional Hardwire Kit. Protect your vehicle even when parked, with continuous monitoring and recording.

WDR and IR Night Vision
Experience enhanced visibility in both day and night with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and IR night vision technology, ensuring clear and detailed footage regardless of lighting conditions.

Keep track of your driving routes and locations with GPS logging functionality, providing valuable data for navigation and trip analysis.

Super Capacitor Technology
Unlike traditional lithium batteries, our dash camera features super capacitor technology for enhanced durability and safety, especially in extreme temperatures.

H.265 Video Encoding Format
Enjoy efficient video compression with the H.265 encoding format, allowing for high-quality footage with smaller file sizes, maximizing storage space on your memory card.

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