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Dual-Lens 4K+1080P Recording
Capture every detail with dual lenses recording simultaneously in stunning 4K resolution for the front camera and 1080P resolution for the rear camera. Enjoy crystal-clear footage from both angles, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your surroundings.

Wide-Angle Coverage
Experience panoramic views with recording angles of 170° for the front lens and 140° for the rear lens, providing a wide field of view to capture the entire road ahead and behind.

Built-in WiFi with Viddure Software Control
Control and manage your rearview mirror with the built-in WiFi, compatible with the user-friendly Viddure app. Adjust settings, view live footage, and access recorded videos conveniently from your smartphone.

Loop Recording 
Never miss a moment with loop recording functionality, automatically overwriting old footage when the memory card is full, ensuring continuous recording without interruption.

24-Hour Parking Surveillance with Hardwire Kit
Protect your vehicle around the clock with support for 24-hour parking surveillance when connected to the optional Hardwire Kit. Monitor your car even when parked, with continuous recording to capture any incidents or activities.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
Experience enhanced visibility in varying lighting conditions with WDR technology, ensuring clear and detailed footage regardless of the lighting environment.

9.66-Inch Touchscreen Display
Enjoy an immersive viewing experience with the large 9.66-inch touchscreen display, providing easy access to camera settings, live footage, and playback.

GPS Log (Optional)
Keep track of your driving routes and locations with GPS logging functionality, providing valuable data for navigation and trip analysis.

Reverse Assistance Lines
When you shift into reverse gear, the screen will instantly display the rearview camera feed on the vivid screen. With this feature, parking becomes not just convenient, but a stress-free and safe experience, ensuring you can navigate tight spots with confidence and ease.
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