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Features:6.86 Inch Private Design


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In response to the needs of some customers, we have added a Smaller size called P60. 
If you
1.Want a smaller dash cam carplay device.
2.Dont wish the device block your driving view and keep safety.
3.The modified car makes it impossible for the device to be installed at the central console.
Why not choose it?

Green-hand Friendly Connection
   - Simplify the phone pairing process with the step-by-step grahic and text guidance instructions.
   - Designed with user-friendliness in mind, even those new will find it easy to establish a successful connection with their phone.

Distinctive Private Design and UI Interface
   - Elevate your driving experience with the unique design that stands out among car gadgets.
   - The device boasts a one-of-a-kind user interface (UI) operation, ensuring a visually appealing and smooth switch experience.

Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto
   - Cut the cords and embrace the future of in-car connectivity with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.
   - Access your favorite apps, make calls, and send messages seamlessly without the hassle of cables, providing a modern and clutter-free driving environment.

Entertainment with Wireless Mirror Link
   - Same guide method effortlessly mirror your smartphone's screen onto the display for entertainment.

Voice Assistant
   - Activate the voice assistant in Carplay/Android Auto, whether it's Siri or Google, for a hands-free experience while driving, ensuring your focus stays on the road.

2.5D IPS Touch Screen Display
   - Enjoy a high-quality visual experience with the 2.5D IPS touch screen display.
   - The vibrant colors and sharp visuals enhance your interaction with the device, whether you're watching recorded videos or viewing navigation maps.

Multiple Stereo Choices
   - Tailor your music experience with various output options.
   - Choose to listen through the device's built-in speakers, connect to your car's audio system via Bluetooth only in carplay/android auto, FM/Radio for wireless playback or wired AUX for a customized audio experience.

Crystal Clear Recording and Reverse Line
   - Ensure safety on the road with the 2.5K Dash Cam and AHD 1080P Dual Lens Recorder.
   - Capture high-quality video, providing clear footage for scenic drives and invaluable documentation in unexpected incidents. Additionally, the optional AHD rear camera assists with parking maneuvers, displaying live footage when in reverse gear.

Accessory Choice

Car cigarette charger: 12-24V input, output at 5V3A. Type-c port, power supply function.

AUX:To synchronize the sounds from the car player with your car's audio system

Rear with 6m cable:Typically installed at the back of the vehicle. When engaged in reverse gear, it displays live footage from behind the vehicle on the screen(10m cable is optional)

ACC:Connect the device to the vehicle's ignition switch. By doing so, it ensures that the device powers on/off automatically with the ignition state of the vehicle. To realize 24h parking monitor

Sucker Holder

Class 10 Memory Card: --32G,64G,128G

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