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Three Cameras and 2.5K+1080P Video Quality
The recorder is equipped with three high-definition cameras (one embedded in the device, two connected by extension cables) which can provide a full range of monitoring and recording functions. Each camera supports video recording, providing images in various light conditions and ensuring that important events are accurately recorded.

Carplay/Android Auto/Airplay/Miracast
You can connect your iPhone to the car audio system and access features on the display screen. Enjoy hands-free calling,  navigation with Apple Maps, music or other compatible apps. 
Connect your Android device and enjoy similar features like hands-free calls and messaging using Google Assistant voice commands, navigation through Google Maps or Waze app integration, as well as accessing music streaming services.
You can wirelessly stream content from your device to the car audio display screen. This allows for easy playback of videos,music.
This allows for convenient viewing of apps,content,and media files on the touchscreen without any cables required.

4 Audio Modes: AUX & FM & BT & Speaker
When in AUX, connect dash cam to car audio system using an auxiliary cable.
The FM mode enables to transmit the audio from dash cam wirelessly to a specific FM frequency on your car's radio. 
In Bluetooth mode, You can stream music wirelessly to your car stereo system. (Only in carplay or android auto)
Streaming dash cam comes equipped with built-in speaker for direct audio playback without any additional connections required.

Support Various Split Screen Display
Half screen display: This mode allows you to view the recorder image on one half of the screen while having CarPlay displayed on the other half. 
Three cameras display: In this mode, all three cameras - front, inner, and rear - are displayed simultaneously in a 1:1:1 ratio across the full screen. This provides comprehensive coverage of your surroundings.
Two cameras display: With this mode, two selected cameras can be shown side by side on the full screen in a 1:1 ratio. 
Full-screen individual camera display: Lastly, our product also allows for each camera (front, inner, and rear) to be displayed individually in fullscreen mode when desired.

24H Parking Monitorning Function(ACC Required)
With the parking monitoring function, when a moving object or collision is detected in the surrounding environment, the recorder will automatically start recording, providing you with additional security.

Accessory Choice

Car cigarette charger: 12-24V input, output at 5V3A. Type-c port, power supply function.

ACC:Connect the device to the vehicle's ignition switch. By doing so, it ensures that the device powers on/off automatically with the ignition state of the vehicle. To realize 24h parking monitor

AUX:To synchronize the sounds from the car player with your car's audio system

Rear with 6m cable:Typically installed at the back of the vehicle. When engaged in reverse gear, it displays live footage from behind the vehicle on the screen(10m cable is optional)

Inner Camera: Observe the situation inside the car in real time and improve the safety of drivers and passengers.

GPS:Stick it on windshield to obtain signal. It enable ADAS features like Forward Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) and GPS tracking

Class 10 Memory Card: --32G,64G,128G

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